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Facing the changes in global politics and economy as well as the development of such technologies as big data, Internet of Things (IoT), Al, and 5G, China's real economy is undergoing profound changes. The logistics industry is also witnessing significant trans-formations, showing a trend towards professional and ecosystemic development that is market-oriented, platform-based and Al-powered. As a Chinese saying goes, a wise man changes with the times. Changan Minsheng APLL Logistics Co, Ltd. (CMAL) has estab-lished a development strategy of transformation and upgrading called "One Body with Two Wings" and an action plan called “"Crossing Over Mountains" (a three-year quality improvement plan) to fully speed up the company's intensive efforts to evolve into a widely trusted first-class platform for smart logistics that is data-driven and online managed. As dream pursuers, we at CMAL are aware that this will be an arduous task, and we must not look back as we advance on this undertaking like we are starting a new business.

New changes bring new ideas and a new phase calls for a new culture. By fully draw-ing on the spirits of the“365" Action Plan of China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC) and the Mid-term Business Plan of China Changan Automobile Group (CCAG),and keeping our actual conditions in mind, we have improved our core concepts and developed the CMAL Culture Concept System that is customer-centered, result-oriented and contributor-valued. So the System not only results from improving and enriching the practice of Changan Minsheng's corporate culture over the last three years, but also embodies the innovation and upgrading of the "One Body with Two Wings" strategy and "Crossing Over Mountains" action plan."CMAL”in Chinese takes its name from the phrase "Saimei". The first character,“Sai" means taking action; the second character“mei" means great results.“Taking action" is the spirit of our work, while "great results" is the physical experience we strive to achieve. The former needs“passion and innovation" while the latter calls for "professionalism and efficiency".“Saimei" not only echoes our name CMAL, it also echoes the company's mission to make life easier through innovative logistics service and our goal as dream catchers.

To brighten the CMAL Culture Concept System, we also need to appreciate the culture and values of others as do to our own. We must stick to the CMAL Culture Concept System that is customer-centered, result-oriented and contributor-valued, in order to create and share value, activate all our employees and increase their capacity to promote the transfor-mation, upgrading and quality development.

Facing new challenges from a new era, we need to open a new phase to chase new dreams for the new era. We hope that each employee will express and prove themselves at CMAL. By integrating one's personal pursuits with the company's development goals, we can realize our own personal values and dreams while bringing valuable services to clients, partners, society, and shareholders. We hope that each employee can fully understand the CMAL Culture Concept System and take actions accordingly to become a disseminator, practitioner and innovator of the System. Professionalism makes the world more wonderful, and efficiency makes life better.

Let's seize the day, follow our passion and strive hard together to develop CMAL into a world-class logistics service provider, forwarding to a better future!

CMAL drives the world with you!

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